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Finding a Sample Research Paper: Domestic Volence

Composing a research paper on domestic violence can be tricky; there are so many different types of domestic violence from physical to mental, and all of these can create confusion amongst students in terms of which ones to focus on. Just keep in mind that a good paper will generally discuss many differing opinions and will provide ample evidence to back up their viewpoint. When viewed from this angle, you see that you can write about any type of domestic violence, as long as it hits the checklist on for your essay.


A key aspect of a research paper is that in cites many sources for its points. So you will need to find many statistics, studies and news articles on domestic violence. Thankfully this is an area that has been well researched and in the past decades a huge movement has taken place for domestic violence to be taken more seriously than it used to be. As such, there is a plethora of studies, statistics and news articles available for you to implement in your paper. The main places you can find these are either through search engines, government website for statistics and from news websites. If you use these sources often in your paper then you will be on track to score high marks.


Another vital part of a research paper is to consider differing points of view on the topic you are writing on. As such, you need to choose a topic that will allow you to do this. Here are some excellent example topics for you to choose when writing a paper on domestic violence:

  • Why do some women continue to stay with men who abuse them?
  • Are certain types of women more likely to end up as victims of domestic violence?
  • Are male victims of domestic violence not taken as seriously as their female counterparts?
  • What negative effects does domestic violence have on children?
  • What are the best methods for counseling for domestic violence victims?
  • What forms of intimate partner violence are most common between couples?
  • Does society take domestic violence seriously enough?
  • You could also do a paper looking at domestic violence in a certain country, ie Rwanda or China
  • What impact does homelessness have on domestic violence
  • Is victim blaming widespread in regards to domestic violence?
  • How could law enforcement react more efficiently in curbing domestic violence?
  • Is there enough help provided to victims of domestic violence?
  • How hard is it for victims of domestic violence to get out of such toxic relationships?

Although there are many other topics you could talk about, these give you the best sources to cite and all have many different viewpoints that you can discuss in your essay.

Constructing a paper on domestic violence can seem a little daunting, but with our recommended list of topics, along with our advice on how to cite the best sources, there is no doubt that you will be able to produce a cracking paper on domestic violence.

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