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Creating A Strong Outline For Research Paper On Gay Marriage

Due to the recent legalization of gay marriage in the United States, many students are tasked with crafting research papers for this recent issue. It is not only due to the legalization of gay marriage within the US, but also its rise in many other countries which makes it a popular topic for students to write about.

Gathering Information

The first step to creating a strong outline for your essay is to gather a lot of research. You should look into many statistics and studies pertaining to gay marriage and see which of these are most relevant to your paper. Things that you should be looking out for include:

  • Places where gay marriage is legal
  • The rates of gay marriage where it is legal
  • Polls and surveys around the world regarding gay marriage
  • Studies, such as the impact on children adopted by gay couples
  • The divorce rate of gay couples
  • Statistics comparing gay marriage to straight couple marriage

Once you have collected this information you need to sift through it to see which ones you will be including in your paper. Much of this information can be found through search engines.


You need to choose the topic of your paper carefully. You should be able to find many studies regarding it, as well as differing viewpoints that you can discuss in your work. Some good topics that give you the chance to do this include:

  • How successful are gay marriages compared to straight marriages?
  • How do different religions differ on gay marriage?
  • How has religion shaped the way people view gay marriage?
  • How has the Vatican’s stance on gay marriage changed in the 21st century?
  • Should people in gay marriages be allowed to adopt children?
  • What has given rise to the legalization of gay marriage in many Western countries in recent years?
  • How have attitudes towards gay marriage changed around the world in recent decades?
  • Why is gay marriage such a controversial topic in many countries?
  • Should gay marriage couples have the same rights as opposite sex-married couples?
  • Is gay marriage an issue of human rights?

These topics will give you all the tools you need to write a very high achieving research paper.

Although writing research papers is no easy task, with out selection of great topics, and tips on how to gather the relevant sources to cite in your paper, there is no doubt that you will be achieving high marks for your essay.

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