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Handpicked Research Paper Topics On Education

The key to getting excellent marks for your research paper on education is by picking a good topic to write about. A good topic should give you a plethora of research to incorporate into your writing, as well as differing viewpoints to discuss. If you do not choose an adequate topic then what can happen is that you will struggle to write enough content to hit all the key objective of your paper. However our list of topics will ensure that you avoid doing exactly that.

Gathering Information

You need to gather a plethora of information pertaining to education before you start your essay. It can be a little daunting due to the fact that there is so much research and statistics regarding education; everyday new literature on the most effective methods of education are released and it can seem frightening to have to go through all of them. However you only need to read the literature that is mainstream or is very famous for its groundbreaking ideas. In regards to statistics you need to find out information such as:

  • The rate of high school graduation
  • How socioeconomic status affects academic success
  • How socioeconomic status affects university graduation
  • The rate of university graduation
  • Et. Al

Gathering such statistics and including them in your paper will set you on the path to acquire very high marks.


When choosing a topic on education, you need to keep in mind to choose a topic that allows you to discuss varying viewpoints regarding it, as well as being able to include statistics pertaining to your topic choice. For this reason, the following topics are excellent to write a paper on:

  • How does racism affect education in the United States?
  • How does social class affect the quality of education students receive?
  • Can wealth buy you a better education?
  • What impact does culture have on education?
  • What role does education play in student’s personal development?
  • Can corporal punishment be effective on students?
  • How can the Internet be utilized for more effective education?
  • Is interactive learning more effective than traditional classroom methods?
  • Is there an educational gap between poor and rich students?
  • Should private school teaching be banned so that all students are on a fair playing field?
  • Has value of a degree worsened in the past couple of decades?
  • Should learning a second language be compulsory for students?

As you can see, these topics will allow you to have your own opinion, as well as analyze any dissenting views contrary to your own.

Composing an essay on education can be tough, but with diligent research and choosing to write on a topic from our recommended list, it should be possible to achieve high marks in your work.

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