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How to Write a research paper on work ethics

Work ethics is a very discussed and partisan topic both in politics and economics. How much corporations and businesses need to deviate from just making a profit and taking on social responsibility has created much debate, both in the political arena and in academia. Due to this many students are tasked with writing a research paper on work ethics, so that they can learn how to present their opinion on such a controversial topic backed up with information to support their viewpoint. This article will tell you exactly how to do this to ensure a good mark in your paper.

Gather Information

The first task of your paper is to gather all the data and information you will be using in your paper. Due to big corporation being under fire in the public’s view in recent years, there are also many news stories you can use where corporations are ousted for their bad ethics. For example, you could mention the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal that rocked the automotive giant and cost them billions of dollars. Mentioning recent headlines and news stories will impress your teacher and show your dedication to searching for the latest matter in work ethics.


A good topic for a research paper will enable you to write about differing opinions regarding it, along with your own. This is an aspect of research writing many students fail to incorporate into their papers, and as a result lose out on many easy marks that they could have picked up. Another thing that choosing a good topic will allow you to do is to incorporate a lot of studies or news stories about the topic into your essay. As such, the following topics allow you to do both of these things that will make your paper stand out:

  • Should fast food companies do more to encourage healthy eating?
  • Do many corporations take on social corporate responsibility to bolster their image, and not for the sake of helping out society?
  • Are large profits during downturn periods in the economy justified?
  • Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to hike prices on their drugs that people depend on to live?
  • Should companies consider paying their employees the living wage?
  • Should companies shoulder the blame for consumers misusing their products?
  • Should promises be upheld if there is no contract?
  • Should large corporations be able to receive large tax cuts?
  • Is it ethical for large companies to set up tax havens to avoid paying as much tax as possible?
  • Should the minimum wage be raised?

As you can see these topics provide you with many talking points, as well as the ability to bring in a lot of studies and news stories regarding them. This si why they are the best topics to use for a research essay.

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