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Tips For A Research Paper On Global Warming: Introduction

Writing a research paper on global warming be a little tough since there is so much data to analyze. However if you follow the format that we recommend for you, then composing this paper should be a breeze.


Your first aim should be to find the relevant sources and data to be used in your paper. There are literally hundreds of studies, resources and analysis available to you. What you need to do is go through them and see which one of them is relevant to your essay. You should choose the best ones that answer the question that you have been set. So for example, if you have been asked to find the possible future consequences of global warming, then you should only use the studies that predict what could happen in the future due to global warming. If you have been asked to analyze the negative side effects of global warming, then you should use studies that detail the negative effects on the environment, due to global warming.

Although the sheer number of studies and analysis available can be a little confusing, when seen like this it is easy to spot the sources you need for your paper.

Paper Structure

The structure of your paper is simple, and you should follow the typical structure of an essay. It is as follows:

  • Introduction: This is where you introduce your reader to the topic you will be talking about, in this global warming. You briefly discuss what type of research you will implement in your paper.
  • Main Body: This is where you answer the question that has been set for your essay. This is also where you put in the information you have found on global warming.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summary of all the things you have talked about in the course of your essay. Make sure to repeat your main talking points.

For more information this website can assist.

Although a research paper on global warming can sound daunting due to the myriad of resources available, when broken down like we have, and given a proper structure, it is very easy to compose and score a high mark in.

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