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Crafting A Research Paper On Immigration In The US

Composing a research paper on immigration in the US can be a tough topic since there are a plethora of statistics and research to look through. However if choose the right topic from which you can write about many different opinions and to which you can relate many different studies then you can easily score high marks on this type of essay concerning immigration in the US.


There are many different studies and statistics regarding immigration in the US due to how big of a topic it is politically. You can easily find vital statistics such as how many people immigrate to the US every year, what the net immigration rate is in the US and research such as the discrimination immigrants to the US face.

One aspect of immigration that you could include in your work is the historical background. You should discuss how different types of immigrants were treated in the past, and compare it to how they are treated in modern day US. You should also search for statistics such as where the largest numbers of immigrants arrive. All these statistics should easily be available on the federal government website or through a search engines.


The best way to achieve success in research papers is by choosing a topic that allows you to cite many different sources, as well as topics that have various opinions about it. The following topics are some of the best on immigration for this reason:

  • The societal impact of immigration in the US
  • The economic impact of immigration in the US
  • The crime rate amongst immigrants in the US
  • The positives of immigrants on the economy
  • How does accepting immigrants boost the GDP of the US
  • Is accepting more immigrants to counteract low birthrates a good policy?
  • How have immigrants been treated in the US throughout history
  • How have immigrants helped the US’s rise to superpower status?
  • Should the rate of immigration be lowered in the US?
  • How does illegal immigration affect the working class?
  • What is the strain felt by the education system due to immigration?

These are some of the best topics for your paper that will give you the best chance of acquiring excellent marks.

As you can see, a research paper on immigration can be hard due to the fact that there are many different sources to cite and varying opinions. However if you choose the topics we recommend then your work will be easy.

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