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Helpful Advice on a Research Paper: Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a very popular topic many students are asked to write papers on during their education. The reason for this are numerous, but mainly that there are many talking points to be mad regarding the topic, and it is a hotly contested topic in terms of what can be done to counter drug addiction.


The main task of a research paper is to gather the right information regarding the task you have been set. In terms of drug addiction, you need to find many statistics to use in your work. For example, you should find out the rate of drug addiction, which drugs people are addicted to, the rate of successful rehabilitation and how many people fall back to their addiction after being cured. You should also try and see how successful rehabilitation for drug addicts is, and look at surveys for different country’s views on the matter. These statistics can usually be found on Government websites, or through a simple search engine search.


There are many topics you can write a research paper on about drug addiction. Some great topics to talk about include:

  • How can drug addiction be cured?
  • What fuels drug addiction?
  • How can rehabilitation help in curing drug addiction?
  • What type of rehabilitation is most effective in curing drug addiction?
  • How can relapses into drug addiction be stopped?
  • What laws are most effective in lowering the rate of addiction?
  • What are the societal impacts of drug addiction?
  • Drug addiction in the workplace
  • How do people become addicted to drugs?
  • What communities can do to lower drug addiction?
  • The impact of socioeconomic status on the rate of drug addiction
  • Signs and symptoms of drug addiction

Although there are many more topics you can base your paper around, these topics provide you with much research material and different talking points to incorporate into your paper.

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Although it can be a little confusing in regards to what topic to choose for a drug addiction paper, it is recommended that you choose one that allows you to bring in a lot of source material and studies regarding the subject. These can usually be found online, and if you choose one of the aforementioned topics, then you will have plenty of sources to cite and achieve very high marks.

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