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7 basic instructions on how to quickly complete a research paper

Half of the battle of writing a research paper is learning the order that you should complete your work. Here is a quick and simple set of 7 basic instructions for you to complete your research paper quickly.

Look at the Rubric

All instructor will provide a grading tool at some point. Whether it is just a set of instructions or detailed rubric, follow it. Having a rubric is like having access to the holy grail of a writing assignment. Not using it would be a huge mistake.

Do Preliminary Research

Do your preliminary research on your topic. Make sure you have enough information to support any thesis ideas that you have. You want to gather all of the relevant sources and information into one place for easy access. Once you have enough information to support your ideas you can go to the next step.

Create a Thesis Statement

Create a strong thesis statement based on your preliminary research. You will already know that the thesis is easy to support because of your initial investigation. A good thesis statement will lead your entire paper. Not having a strong thesis statement can lead to a weak and uninspiring research paper.

Outline Your Paper

Now you are ready to outline your paper. This step should go line by line and include any resources that you plan on using. Basically, every point you plan to cover will be in your outline. If it's going to appear as a supporting piece of information, it needs to be in your outline. If you need additional supporting points make sure you finish up your research during this step.

Create a Rough Draft

You can start to write your rough draft. You have everything you need for a successful rough copy of your paper. All of your points plus references should be on your outline. Now you just need to connect them together.

Peer Review

Have a peer in your class review your paper. If your school offers a peer review submission site, then you should be using this before you edit any paper that you have. If you do not have a site to submit your paper for peer review, then finding someone you trust to peer review your paper is even more important.

Final Edit and Draft

After you have gotten your peer reviewed paper back, you can finish up your paper by writing the final draft and editing it one more time. The final edit is where you want to pay special attention to things like tone and subject specific language. Once you’ve done all of this you are ready to turn your paper in!

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